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This. Is. A. Lot of Work

There is a lot that you don’t know about sailboats perhaps? I sure know I didn’t and still don’t.

Like a lot. The learning curve is huge. Bathrooms are “heads”, and getting them to not stink is what feels like a full time job. My superpower is a sense of smell or a curse. One of the reasons I feel in love with “our girl” (that is what I refer to our beautiful boat as ‘our girl”! ha!) is that she did not stink. I have been on a LOT of boats.

We belonged to a wonderful sailing club for five years and well, let’s just say that the way they smelled when “someone pumped the head” was an odor that I cannot even describe. It was enough on more than one occasion for me to say to Frank, “I am never coming out on one of these boats again” as I gagged and felt like I was going to vomit.

But I am in constant pursuit of how to ensure our boat does not have that smell. (I’ve been using Odorlos and it seems to do the trick.)

It does seem every week a little breaks, or we break it or lose it, or drop it in the drink (hey… I am a sailor now, in the drink means in the ocean. I feel so salty).

So far in the drink:

  • Keys. As in car, boat, office, house, marina. ($150.00 diver to come at 6:00a to look for them - success!)

  • BBQ parts ($80.56 replacement)

  • Hat ($9.95 at Costco)

  • Towel (no idea)

I think the list could go on. This is just a sampling…


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