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Image by Artem Verbo

How it Works


When you turn onto Bayshore Dr from Pacific Coast Hwy, you will see a guard gate. DO NOT GO to the gate, instead make a left before the guard gate into the apartment complex.


You can park in any spaces that are not covered. You will see signs that say residents and marina guests only. You can park in any of those. Parking can be limited at times so please try and car pool and limit the number of cars to 2. You can then call Frank on his cell 949-278-3637 and he will meet you at the marina gate.


Bring a hat and sunscreen (lotion only, no spray), and please wear soft shoes, sneakers, deck shoes, etc. Please bring a sweatshirt/jacket to stay warm later in the afternoon, as it does get cooler on the water. Always better to layer down than to be cold and uncomfortable.

Food & Drink

You can bring whatever food and beverages you enjoy. There’s a fridge & freezer aboard to help keep your food fresh and your beverages cold.

Check out the local restaurant and grocery stores to pick up something to eat or drink for your boat ride.

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