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Buy a Sailboat In a Pandemic.

Buy a boat in the middle of a pandemic. That seems like a good idea right? Ha. Why not? I know, a million reasons why not.

Here is what you should know. We’ve been looking for a sailboat on and off for the last four years. In 2014 we moved back to the great state of California from four years in Texas that felt like exile in many ways and vowed to spend as much time outside and on the big blue and took up sailing. (side note: to all our wonderful friends in Texas - we love you, I promise but in the famous words of Marisa Tomei “Oh yeah, you blend” we never fit in).

On and off we have looked… never agreeing on a boat, or the simply timing has not been right…or we have had second thoughts - surely you’ve heard the saying, “the two best days in a boat owners life are the day they buy it and the day they sell it.”.

That changed the day we looked at a beautiful 2004 beneteau oceanis 473. Honestly we were like the folks that look at open houses and don’t plan on buying. We left looking at this beautiful boat and I said “We need to buy that boat”. I think Frank thought I had lost my mind… perhaps I have…


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